An eCOA clinical trial begins.

Wearables And eCOA

An Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment, also known as an eCOA, is revolutionizing the world of health care. The purpose of an eCOA is to record and measure a patient’s symptoms during their participation in a clinical trial. Essentially, this information can show whether or not a clinical trial has been effective. 

AssisTek eCOA technologies offer valuable information for healthcare providers during a trial and gather it for sponsors to review during and after the trial is going on. 

Modern Technology and the eCOA Process

The development of modern technology has made the eCOA process much easier. The most common form of eCOA comes in the form of a questionnaire. This can be gathered using a patient’s smartphone, computer, or a provisioned study tablet with each question pre-populated. 

With this state-of-the-art technology and the advances in various tracking devices throughout the medical community, what better way to gather even more information from a patient than to seamlessly integrate the two! Wearables, such as smart watches, respiratory monitors, EKG, and gait measurements, are a few of the technologies that we have currently integrated right into our system. 

Adding wearables to your study can seem daunting. It can be yet another device to familiarize a patient with, another set of directions to ensure they understand, and something else to remember to do each day on top of busy daily life. 

Here at assisTek, we have streamlined both technologies into one seamless system that makes gathering this extra valuable information simple for the patient and convenient for the clinician. 

Depending on the therapeutic area and which device is used, our technology is already integrated with the device so it is as simple as one push of a button to record or sync data from the wearable right into the questionnaire they are already completing. No extra devices, no extra tasks, one simple entry point. 

Wearables make the process of data collection from multiple endpoints quick, accurate, and simple. The ability to marry this important health information to the already important existing questionnaires makes the study information available to the teams even more valuable. Patient engagement is always the top priority for these integration projects. Rest assured, no matter the therapeutic area, we can match the correct device to optimize your trial.

eCOA Clinical Trials with AssisTek

Looking to learn more about eCOA and how to do an eCOA clinical trial with the addition of a wearable device? AssisTek is an eSource Company that takes pride in its long-standing connection with health industry leaders. For 25+ years, we have been assisting our clients. We help them strategically implement eCOAs and implement trial solutions to optimize patient engagement and information gathering. 

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