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assisTek Opens New Office Space in Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center

assisTek, a leader in innovative eClinical technology and eSource solutions for clinical research, is delighted to announce the opening of a new office to support its growing team. This expansion will allow assisTek to boost assistance to customers and expand the capacity of the company to sustain its continued growth.  

New assisTek Office in Bucks County, Pennsylvania 

Based on the commitment to better serve its clientele, assisTek is elated to open an additional office just outside Philadelphia in the heart of the Biotech Corridor of the Northeast. This new office will be in the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center of Bucks County, which is home to many firms in the industry, and just down the road from assisTek's headquarters.  

"This is another piece of our continued growth strategy," says Richard Gastineau, CEO. "The Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center is well known for its state-of-the-art research, as well as furthering economic development throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. There are many biotech and discovery firms working at the Center, and over recent years, the entrepreneurs at the PABC have created billions of dollars of company value, established hundreds of new jobs, and several of the companies founded at the Center have gone public. We are thrilled to be a part of this vibrant research community." 

About assisTek 

Headquartered in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, assisTek fuses new developments in mobile technology with creative software solutions to revolutionize the collection of data in clinical trials. 

The TEK Studio platform allows flexible adaptation to support each of their client's unique needs for clinical trials. assisTek's eCOA platform is designed with a patient-first approach, leading to more reliable reporting of outcomes and results. The eCOA solutions are highly scalable, customizable, and all powered by a proven, cloud-based technology platform. The solutions are delivered with the resources of experienced project managers and customer support teams to provide consultation and a boutique service to each of their clients. 

assisTek has additional offices located in Charleston, SC, Scottsdale, AZ, Austin, TX, and internationally in Copenhagen, DE.  

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assisTek Announces New Partnership with Medical Device Technology Creator, Strados Labs

June 20th, 2022 DOYLESTOWN, PA — assisTek, based in Doylestown, PA, has announced its latest partnership with Philadelphia based Strados Labs. Strados Labs is known for their creation of cutting-edge smart technology medical devices for respiratory illnesses.
assisTek, has been a longtime leader in the eSource industry across various therapeutic areas, over 900+ Global clinical Trials and offers an array of services for the electronic collection of clinical data. Their technology offerings include eCOA, ePRO, eConsent, BYOD modules and an extensive reputation for their custom solutions to support clinical trial teams worldwide. "We are very excited to announce this partnership and are looking forward to working together with Strados to provide another way for clinicians and patients to gather novel information during their trials. By making the integration seamless into our current eDiary offerings, this paired technology will allow for better patient engagement and more efficient information gathering, with the ultimate goal of improved data for cures and treatment of these conditions," explains Richard Gastineau, CEO of assisTek.

Strados Labs is a medical technology company developing smart sensor platforms that utilize machine learning and proprietary algorithms to detect and predict compounding conditions associated with serious, chronic respiratory diseases to improve the lives of patients globally. "We are grateful and proud to solidify our partnership with assisTek. They have been a leader in integrating technology and data collection in clinical trials for over 20 years," said Strados Labs Director of Business Development, Shane Krauss. "We look forward to working with their experienced and knowledgeable team in clinical trials by helping them scale their digital therapeutics using our clinically validated measures for wheeze, cough, and other adventitious breath sounds, or CABS—which is something no other cleared device can measure." The Company developed a first-of-its-kind smart sensor platform for respiratory health, RESP®. Strados recently received FDA Class II 510(k) clearance for home use of its first product, RESP®, its second FDA clearance in less than 18 months. RESP® was also granted a CE Mark late last year. The Company is developing a robust pipeline algorithm to support and address other chronic diseases, as well as chronic disease management pathways. Strados will continue to target asthma, COPD and infectious respiratory diseases (COVID, RSV, and more)—with plans to add heart failure and pediatrics later this year. The Company is based in Philadelphia and is a privately held company.

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assisTek Announces Collaboration with Mobile ECG/EKG Technology Company

August 4, 2021 DOYLESTOWN, PA —Together, assisTek and its partner iMedrix achieve first-of-its-kind tech integration for use in clinical trials. assisTek, a boutique eSource company known for providing customized solutions to support clinical trial teams for two and a half decades, has collaborated with a California health technology company to integrate ECG/EKG capabilities into its eSource platform for clinical trials. This latest technology integration expands assisTek’s eCOA offerings by allowing for ECG/EKG data to be gathered and reviewed in real time on any of its eCOA devices, including tablets and smartphones. It also provides for increased safety and improved data quality and flow, while reducing the burden on the patient. The integration is the first of its kind. “KardioScreen from iMedrix is an innovative, FDA cleared, mobile, cloud-connected ECG/EKG device that simplifies the process of heart monitoring in a wide variety of settings,” said Cindy Howry, assisTek President. “In the context of a clinical trial, it allows us to allow a full step in the process. In short, it’s a perfect addition to our growing list of capabilities.” iMedrix founder and chief scientist, Srikanth (Sree) Jadcherla, said the partnership is “an ideal entry for iMedrix into U.S. Pharma’s decentralized clinical trials, and constitutes a continuation of the projects iMedrix has been doing with pharmaceutical companies in Asia, Europe, and Africa.” assisTek has created a video to demonstrate how the integration between KardioScreen and the assisTek eCOA platform can serve patients, healthcare providers, and clinical researchers. About assisTek assisTek is an eSource company that provides solutions for field-based and site-based electronic data capture of clinical outcome assessments, including Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), Clinician Reported Outcomes (ClinROs), Observer Reported Outcomes (ObsROs), and Performance Outcomes (PerfOs). The company has delivered solutions for more than 500 clinical trials while supporting 90 different languages in 80 different countries and has experience in 46 therapeutic areas, including rare and ultra-rare diseases. About iMedrix iMedrix provides cutting-edge medical technology through KardioScreen, a totally mobile, 12/6 lead, FDA-cleared electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG). iMedrix provides diagnostic solutions directly to EMR systems, producing clinical grade ECG traces with device accuracy proved in more than 200,000 ECGs globally. iMedrix is committed to revolutionizing cardio health care with its Artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud Technology, and Machine learning (ML) for quick diagnosis and accurate clinical decisions. (1-866-IMEDRIX)

assisTek Announces the Launch of Its Next Generation Platform for Clinical Trials

June 25, 2021 DOYLESTOWN, PA- assisTek, a boutique eSource company known for providing customized solutions to support clinical trial teams for two and a half decades, has announced the release of the next generation of its electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) platform. Fully cloud-based, the updated platform includes enhancements for patients, clinical teams, sponsors, and contract research organizations (CROs). It is electronic, secure, and in alignment with best practices for collection of clinical outcomes. “At assisTek, we have a 25-year-long commitment to leadership in our field. Today, that means always striving to improve the patient experience and embracing the numerous benefits that the digital transformation of clinical research is delivering for all stakeholders,” said Cindy Howry, assisTek President. “The release of our next generation platform is the latest step in that ongoing journey.” Designed with every consideration for the needs of today’s clinical researchers and patients, the customizable and configurable assisTek platform supports engagement, compliance, accuracy, and efficiency at every step. Notable features and enhancements include . . . • Enhancements to the TEK Configurator™ allowing studies to be customized and scalable with reduced timelines • Enhanced integrations with other eClinical technologies (wearables, peripherals, apps) • Improved data analytics and data visualization tools with real-time data access • New support ticketing software to enhance capabilities and responsiveness of the assisTek 24/7 helpdesk • Web-based solution with advanced security features in a cloud-based environment • Enhanced patient-engagement features to assist with compliance of eCOA collection

assisTek Announces Official Partnership with Denmark Based Crown Tech to Expand Footprint on a Global Scale

June 16, 2021 DOYLESTOWN, PA- assisTek, a leader in innovative eClinical technology and eSource solutions for clinical research, today announced its strategic partnership with Crown Tech, a leading technology, consulting, and software development company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.assisTek, which is focused on delivering industry-leading eCOA solutions for clinical research, is rapidly expanding its client base in the EU, particularly in the Nordic region. The company believes this partnership will enhance their technical, operational, and support capabilities in the EU. "These initiatives are part of assisTek's strategy to build on its strong presence in the US and will significantly bolster our technical and support capabilities in the EU. This partnership will further expand the global capabilities of assisTek and give our EU partners enhanced, on-the-continent resources to leverage in their research trials,” stated Jon Osifchin, Vice President of Technology for assisTek. assisTek is known for its boutique approach to their clients’ trials, combining their executive team’s vast expertise in the eCOA space with their cloud-based TEK Studio platform that has been purpose-built and improved upon over the last 20 years. With extensive investment into the platform in recent years, this partnership marks yet another milestone in a long history of solid performance from assisTek. Crown Tech will bring design, technology, and a regional presence into the EU as assisTek expands its global reach. Crown Tech is an innovative and trusted technical partner for software and technology. The CEO of Crown Tech, William Rizqallah, stated “Great results in business are never done by one side. Therefore, Crown Tech strengthened the collaboration with assisTek throughout this partnership.” About assisTek: Founded in 1998, assisTek is an innovative technology company that provides software and solutions for collecting patient data in the clinical research and healthcare industries. Their TEK Studio platform allows flexible adaptation to support their clients’ needs. The success of every clinical research trial depends on clean, accurate patient data. assisTek’s eCOA platform is designed with the patient in mind, and this results in more reliable reporting of outcomes and results. Their eCOA solutions are highly scalable, customizable, and efficient. Additionally, assisTek’s eCOA solutions are powered by a proven, cloud-based technology platform and are delivered with the resources of experienced project managers and customer support teams. About Crown Tech: Founded in 2018, Crown Tech is one of Western Europe’s top software companies. It is an international software development company that helps startups, small-mid companies, and organizations increase their business efficiency and customer experience throughout the end-to-end design and development cycle. Indeed, their priority is their clients. Therefore, Crown Tech is always around to help them in any situation, make them satisfied with what they have accomplished together, and open relationships with them for the long term. Their team has one of the most competent and progressive-minded teams around. Their highly-motivated and cohesive team of savvy professionals combines creativity with experience to come up with functional solutions that help their clients generate the highest possible ROI for their business.