Clinical Data Management

As a company, our primary purpose is to provide cutting edge technology to capture the important information gathered during clinical trials and research. Our attention to detail has made us a trusted expert in this field for over 25 years. We know that for clinical data technology to offer consistent, reliable results, two things are of utmost importance: they must offer two things. They must engage and encourage patients to provide accurate, timely information and keep patients’ data secure.

At assisTek, we are dedicated to the highest quality in clinical data collection. Whether looking for patient reported outcomes (PROs) or Clinician Reported outcomes, (ClinRos), we have you covered. Our clinical data technology focuses on collecting and managing your clinical research data in accordance with the highest regulatory standards, including CFR Part 11 compliant. This ensures that your clinical data is complete and secure throughout the entire trial process.

assisTek eCOA technology makes privacy priority number one. Our system uses a cloud-based secure system designed to collect and manage your patients’ data safely and efficiently. .  

AssisTek is Ready To Help

Having an eSource company you can trust is an absolute must. The results of your clinical trials and your patient’s private information are too significant to settle for anything less than an experienced company with an experienced team.  

At assisTek, we are committed to creating the highest quality clinical data management technologies. We are also committed to our clients. Along with our state-of-the-art technologies, we offer our boutique services and concierge style services to each of our clients, catering to any unique aspects of a build based on trial needs. 

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