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Electronic  Outcomes      

assisTek's Electronic Outcomes module is designed to support any questionnaire used in a clinical trial.  This includes Patient Reported Outcomes, Clinician Reported Outcomes, and Clinician Rating Scales.  

Depending on the number of questionnaires used in a study, this module has the potential to save a study team a significant amount of money relating to the following:  

  • Eliminate transcription costs
  • Eliminate Source Data verification
  • Reduce monitoring costs
  • Reduce queries

The cost benefits are in addition to the benefit of significantly improving data quality.

assisTek has the infrastructure in place to support sites all over the world, including:  

  • Multiple language support
  • International shipping and logistics
  • Data transmission at international remote sites.

The Electronic Outcomes module can be fused with any other module, or may be designed as a stand-alone system. This gives the flexibility of adding ePRO questions to a Patient eDiary, for example, or as a system of its own in a study site.


Electronic Outcomes - Patient Reported Outcomes

No Source Data Verification. No Incomplete Data. No Illegible Source Data. No Queries.

Improve Critical Study Objectives

  • Patient Compliance
  • Patient Engagement
  • Safety Management
  • Data Management

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eSource In Clinical Trials | Support FDA Guidance

According to the FDA guidance on source data in electronic form, eSource will help to eliminate unnecessary duplication of data, reduce the opportunity for transcription errors, promote the real-time entry of electronic source data during subject visits, ensure the accuracy and completeness of data, and more.

assisTek's TotalSource solutions capture these improvements to source data, and are customized to each individual protocol. More Information

Company Overview

assisTek successfully fuses new developments in mobile technology with creative software solutions to revolutionize the collection of data from patients and clinicians in clinical trials. We have proudly been helping clinical trial teams achieve success for over 18 years, in 40 countries with 46 languages. Our expertise can support studies in any phase.

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